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About us

Hi, I'm Yolanda Pozo, also known as Divina, the owner and founder of Ladys Travel Peru. I was born in Vilcabamba, the last sacred capital of the Incas. My parents were farmers from whom I learned to love our culture, however I decided to go to the city and study at the San Antonio Abad National University of Cusco, where after having studied for five years I obtained a degree in tourism.


Ladys Travel Peru S.R.L
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I am a professional with ten years of experience who traveled routes of the Inca trail and many others, where I learned that the most beautiful thing that exists in my profession is adventure, adrenaline and passion for the mountains with beautiful landscapes and infinite nights full of stars. It is a unique experience and the urgent thing after all the experience on the trek is to arrive at a destination as wonderful as Machupicchu at the top of the mountains.

On the other hand, I have extensive experience in the administrative field leading companies that today enjoy a very good reputation, such as called Llama path. Ladys Travel Peru, is a company that is led by a hardworking, talented woman with extensive experience, created to give value and opportunities to all those women who have the desire and talent to continue showing professionalism and passion for what they perform.

Ladys travel guides

Hiring guides first had to carefully select their aptitude, talent and knowledge. We hire experienced guides for all routes and make sure they are licensed and / or certified according to Peruvian government regulations. All guides are fluent in Spanish and English, and some also speak the indigenous language of the region, Quechua. All are trained in first aid and some have received additional medical training in wilderness areas. To ensure the safety of our travelers and assist when necessary, our guides are connected to external emergency services 24 hours a day from most locations. Our team of expert and reliable guides, whose valuable insights into the true nature of their countries of origin, will make your trip with us a truly pleasant and unforgettable experience.

Yolanda Pozo

Ladys Travel Peru is a local tour operator that aims to share the rich diversity of traditions, art, culture, dance, adventures, and mysteries of Peru with fellow travelers. we believe that it is of utmost importance to respect ancestral customs as a way of taking better care of our environment. The experiences you will have with us will be truly unforgettable, being part of you forever. One of our core values is working with communities on social projects, using profits to give back to the communities we work with, through educational and / or environmental support.



Share the culture, our passions, our dreams and desires with respect, enjoying the company of others and becoming a pacha mama family, and supporting the rural communities with which we work with a business philosophy and ethics towards the environment.


Year of Foundation of our companyr

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Provide a unique and quality service to all our traveling clients hand in hand with the best tourism professionals in our country, in an environment of respect and empowering women.


Maya Delia

Creative Director

Victor Shibut

Technical Director

Diana Black


John Digistrict

General Director

Mike Jhonson

Finance Director

Our proyect

We make sure that our tours directly benefit the people who live in the areas that we visit with our clients. We support local organizations, non-profit organizations, and schools to improve the quality of life in these areas. We employ local guides, porters, and people to manage logistics, as well as support locally owned and operated hotels, hostels, and restaurants. We make sure that everyone who works with us receives a fair salary. Through memberships and donations, we support the efforts of local organizations working in South America to maintain ecological stability and improve the lives of our people.

For many of us, traveling abroad opens our eyes to a world that is very different from our own and inspires us to help make a difference in the lives of the people and communities we have visited. Whether you've recently returned home from traveling, or just want to help make a difference in the world around you, you can help by contributing to our Social Project.


Our equipment

The equipment we provide on our trips has been carefully selected with the aim of providing the highest possible quality, comfort and safety to our clients to ensure that their trip is unforgettable.